No really, he’s not our President.

Heather Fink
4 min readNov 12, 2016


Experiencing my first post election joy breakthrough, and feeling the chains of this travesty lifting off my chest.

“They” only have the power we imbue upon them.

By electing Trump, an absurdly unqualified unworthy undignified reality star trash fire of a President — they have devalued the office of POTUS.

Like currency, the value of the President is based entirely on the value we ascribe to it, and it has just gone down.

Let me reiterate: The office of the President is now greatly devalued and only has the power that we ascribe to it. You’ve elected a classless corporate reality show clown who constantly says asinine things, and whose every campaign promise is a joke that holds no substance and is backtracked upon with reckless abandon. And so his whole cabinet and vice just look like a circus with the clown as a leader. They are just a bunch of shameful assclowns parading around with a grand cheeto ringmaster.

Just look at the joke of our first lady. Now let me be clear, I’m a feminist who wants to bring other women up and respect them. I see Melania as a product of her environment, of lesser choices and freedoms in life. But yes there is certainly something less dignified about a woman who has not found meaningful ways to contribute to society beyond her sexual value and appearance. The modern world is no place for a behaved subservient woman. A representative of the best our nation has to offer, she is not. Melania as first lady feels like a joke because it IS a joke. The days are long gone where being a pretty face is enough.

With their “Make America Great Again” credo — they will attempt to revert to 50s values. But its fucking 2016 and not going to work! The world and its people have already progressed. Why would you come to the future with a goddamned typewriter? Backwards progress is slow, foolish, and will be met with a backlash unlike anything you’ve ever known. The great minds of our society had our potentials simmering on a back burner because we felt safe. No we know. We cannot deny. The time has come and we are SHOWING THE FUCK UP.

Intellectuals and artists control the industry that made Trump famous. Damn right there’s a liberal controlled media. We play nice. We play by the rules we created. But it’s ours to share. We control all the industries that even the red state folks dream to be part of. We control Hollywood, the arts, colleges, museums, and social capital. Within the red states there are intellectuals and artists too who recognize this. The best and brightest of our nation will all be playing for the same team no matter where they are, and there will be an increase in substantive television and film from this day forward.

NOT MY PRESIDENT doesn’t mean we don’t respect the rule of law. We already created it. It means that true law and power comes from what we’ve already built and indeed still have the power to change. NOT MY PRESIDENT can have a more profound meaning. He can sit in that white house all he wants, but now it’s a clown house. Sad — but we don’t need it. We don’t need a large whipped cream colored house to mean anything to us. Title has never meant more than substance. He may be President in title, but the President no longer matters. It no longer has currency or value if it’s given to an unfit joker living in a vanilla play house.

It is sad whenever things we’ve built no longer have meaning. Being the President may matter in what it says about our country, but it is not the end of the sentence. Indeed those who perpetrate hate crimes and hate speech ARE CRIMINALS. I have always felt America IS blue states and it’s still true. America IS New York. America is our great universities, opportunities for growth, debate, art, film, design, creation, and expression. Blue jeans, jazz music, movies, and Asian Fusion cooking — if you open your eyes you will see blue state values EVERYWHERE, from whatever’s on netflix, to the boba tea you’re drinking when you walk down the street. From blue jeans to apple watches — American innovation and artistry is everywhere and is a FUSION of world cultures and values.

People of color and the jews already showed us they were on the right side with their vote. It is on the shoulders of men, straight folk, and white folk who are of sound mind to do more to lift up trampled upon groups. We were let down by white men and white women voters, and it is our responsibility to step up and give more. The world must expect more from us, and we must be there to unite and lift each other up. We the blue state nation will be the ones who educate and lead the red states by our excellence and our diversity. We will neither adopt nor legitimize their failure.

White supremacy and male supremacy will die by its inability to produce greatness.

We have everything we’ve always had but we can see the ugliness we merely suspected, but now rears its head as an undeniable monstrosity.

While it’s tragic to know there’s so much hate and fear dominating the masses — we are still the leaders.

We are the ones who with nurture this country and keep it going, and it will ALWAYS BE OURS.

Goodbye American Presidency, once upon a time, you mattered.

Hello us. #strongertogether