How To Get Some and Score With Chicks

Heather Fink
3 min readOct 13, 2017


If men need help talking to women and don’t know how to “get” women without being a nasty bastard here’s how:

1. Be as attractive as you can muster. Groom yourself and shower, floss teeth, be healthy. Educate yourself so you have things to say and thoughts. Learn talents, skills, or have abilities. See a therapist or start meditating to sort out your insides. Do things with your life. Bring something to the table.

2. Talk to women like in a regular conversation like they are people. Don’t prey on them or “try to score” or “try to get in their pants.”

Talk to them with sincerity. Try and actually get to know them, and let them get to know you, the real you. Try to enjoy more than just the idea of getting some and scoring. But like, actually really enjoy the person, and if you really don’t enjoy the person, stop there. Don’t try and get some from a person you don’t actually like or enjoy. That’s called using a person and you are also tricking them — because most likely you aren’t telling them you don’t like them, at that point you’re pretending. Be honest and real and talk to women and treat them like they are people! I know this means you don’t try to sleep with every woman you want to try and sleep with but that’s ok. Sleep with ones who want you to sleep with them. Sleep with ones you actually enjoy spending time with.

3. If they say no or it doesn’t work out, that’s not a big deal. It’s normal. Let it go. Try again with another person. You can’t just have everyone you want. This is true for everyone. Even famous hot fancy people — maybe they can “score” but perhaps the person they love doesn’t love them back or is with someone else. Don’t pity yourself. Get over yourself. The pain and journey of finding someone right for you is not meant to go smoothly. Finding someone who wants to be with you is special. Don’t feel entitled to it. It’s hard for everyone. Do your best and that’s all you can do.

Some of these things apply in reverse, women trying to get men, or in LGBTQ relationships, but I’m addressing men trying to date women especially because things are extra out of whack in this realm.

So — the 3 point “how to score with chicks” system:

  1. Be as attractive as you can muster
  2. Talk with sincerity & get to know a person/let them get to know you.
  3. Let it go and move on if it doesn’t work.

When you actually get a woman and she wants to sleep with you, communicate to her honestly about what you would like to do and ask her what she would like to do — AND THEN you are both doing things you would like to do! Marvelous indeed!